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 Rules and Regulations

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General Darkstar
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Guardian of the Shadow

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Thu Aug 02, 2007 1:39 pm

Greetings all!! I am General Darkstar. I need to lay down the law here on this forum so.....Pay attention!!!

1) NO VULGAR LANGUAGE!!! Please, this forum is for all of us to enjoy. Extreme vulgar language will not be tolerated. Any break in this law should be reported so that we can keep this forum enjoyable for everyone.
- These are the allowed curse words ONLY TO A SMALL EXTENT!!!!: Shit, Damn, Crap. All others will be met with severe punishment
- Any insults to a person's gender, race, family, etc, will not be tolerated WHATSOEVER!!!! ANYONE CAUGHT WILL HAVE THEIR PROFILE COMPLETELY DESTROYED IMMEDIATELY!!!!

2) KEEP YOUR POSTS IN ENGLISH!! We try to keep this forum so that all can be understood. If you have a problem with this, PM me so this can be resolved ASAP.

Contact me if you have a problem with a post or another member. The problem will be dealt with whenever i can. Very Happy
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Rules and Regulations
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